Mp3 extracts of tracks

"Disease" CDR: track excerpt.
"Technosphere" CDR: track 4.
"Geosphere" CDR: track 1, track 5.
"Necklace" CD: track 1, track 4, track 8.
"KachaREX" CDR: track 1, track 3, track 9.
"Biosphere" CDR: track 3, track 5.
"Teologic" CDR: track 2, track 6.
"The Other Heaven" CD: track 1, track 3, track 4.



"Split" (Bardoseneticcube / Thelxinoe):

V/A "Inspiration - Zen":


"White Wind (Beliy Veter)" (Maya & Bardoseneticcube):

"Lynch" (Tsaraas / DMT / Bardoseneticcube):

"Yasnoise" (B.A.R.D.M.O.M.):

"The Broken Brain Pyromaniac" (B.A.R.D.M.O.M.):


"Bardo Thodol" (with Vazhes):


"Leaving in a Hell":

"Direct Drive":

"Tek-Now II":


"Psychedelic Avenue":

"Time of Mars":

V/A "Koji Tano (2005 - ∞)":

V/A "Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005, Ten Years Of AFE":

Rubbish "The Culture Warriors" (feat. Bardoseneticcube):[UMB074].html.


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