Another new album - "Ambiwax" - released both as a limited edition CD with a special design in a silk-screened ejector case and a free mp3/flac download. CD edition can be found through ZHELEZOBETON mailorder, web-release available at Senile Dementia website: http://www.sendem.ru/releases/40/AMBIWAX.html.


Completely new CD album by Bardoseneticcube - "Game Over?" is now released by Deserted Factory label, Japan. Available through ZHELEZOBETON distribution.


You can download the new split-release of Bardoseneticcube and Thelxinoe in flac format from DNA Production web-label: http://dna-production.org/releases/dna141/


"Inspiration - Zen" - a compilation made by Russian ambient label Ambione Foundation, features a track by Bardoseneticcube. Free to download here:


New full-length album by Bardoseneticcube "REAG" is released in mp3 and wav formats by St. Petersburg based label Pocket Fields. Free to download here:


New web-release by Bardoseneticcube featuring improvised female vocals by Maya! Free to download as mp3 or flac files here: http://www.sendem.ru/releases/31/


A track by Bardoseneticcube was included in a web-release dedicated to David Lynch by the kultFRONT label - "Lynch". Soon available for download at kultFRONT Bandcamp page.

Bardoseneticcube will take part in the following forthcoming gigs:
  • May 01, 2012 - "Mystic Concert" (Experimental Sound Gallery, St. Petersburg) - in collaboration with Rada Anchevskaya (Rada i Ternovnik) and Dmitry Tykvin (Melonoise);
  • May 07, 2012 - "Systo Solar 2012" (open air in Leningrad region) - three performances: as solo artist, in collaboration with MAYA project, and with mXo project.


Two new CDs are out now, both featuring Bardoseneticcube:

You can listen to the new (unreleased) album of Bardoseneticcube "REAG" on SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/igorbardo/sets/bardoseneticcube-reag.


You're welcome to download two new web-releases of a collaboration project between Bardoseneticcube and A.T.M.O.M. called B.A.R.D.M.O.M.: "The Broken Brain Pyromaniac" (Drill Records) and "Yasnoise" (DNA Productions).

Forthcoming gigs:
  • 13.10.2011 - St. Petersburg @ Experimental Sound Gallery - with Beequeen [+];
  • 14.10.2011 - St. Petersburg @ Fish Fabrique Nouvelle - "Non-format Electronics" festival (with Alexei Rakhov, Velena, Boris OL, Goodok, Cyclodol, EDD-989, Geenimuuntelun + Toxi-X, Invisible Whore, Ryby-Babochki, VJ Sonia Nelubina, VJ Yuri Elik) [+];
  • 15.10.2011 - St. Petersburg @ Russian Ethnographic Museum [+];
  • 22.10.2011 - St. Petersburg @ Vegan Club - yoga lesson with live sound + tea ceremony [+].


Two new CDs out now! The collaboration with Philippe Blanchard (aka Lieutenant Caramel) "Silence Submarine" (Studio Forum) and another collaboration with Vresnit & Kshatriy "Creation" (Vetvei).


The debut solo album of Igor Bardo "My Sweet Nightmare" is now released by Finnish label Some Place Else. More info at label's website: http://www.someplaceelse.net/releases/?id=spe057


Two new releases are available!

"Bardo Thodol" - a new short collaboration work between Bardoseneticcube and Vazhes, play this when you're dying! Free to download from Drill Records.


Some more news!

Bardoseneticcube is going to perform live together with Rhoea and VJ Yuri Elik in V-Club, St.Petersburg on November 26th. [+]

At the moment and till December 1st in Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21) there is an audio-visual installation "Flowing Synthesis of Time" prepared by Igor Potsukailo along with photographers Alena Pakhomova and Maria Rizhdestvenskaya. The installation is dedicated to the associative bridge between 1930-40-ies and present time. [+]

Japanese label Deserted Factory has released a split-cassette between Bardoseneticcube and D.B.P.I.T. / Xxena / Pusio. [+]


"Leaving in a Hell" - previously unreleased work by Bardoseneticcube recorded in 1998, is now available as a free download from Drill Records. Also available is "Cryptofobia" - a collection of three home live recordings done in 1999-2000.


Russian Internet-label Drill Records has re-released two old Bardoseneticcube albums ("Toyz-z-z" and "Tek-Now II") + one previously unreleased album ("Direct Drive") as free mp3 downloads.


Bardoseneticcube project R.I.P.


Bardoseneticcube is performing live on 09.11.2009 with Origami Galaktika at Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21), St. Petersburg.

Three new releases featuring Bardoseneticcube are out:
  • a collaboration with Cooton Ferox, Kryptogen Rundfunk & 1g0g named "Mother Russia";
  • a participation in Brighter Death Now CD "Breaking Down Nihil" dedicated to Russian concerts of this project;
  • a participation in Lieutenant Caramel track contributed for "Risveglio Di Una Citta" compilation dedicated to the memory of Luigi Russolo (the compilation was actually released in December 2008, but the news reached us only now).
Igor Potsukailo has also composed the score for the installation "Hear the Blockade" which is being played at the Monument to Heroic Defenders of Leningrad. More info about this project can be found here: http://vkontakte.ru/club11662511 (Russian only). The CDR with the recording should be out soon...


Bardoseneticcube were performing at 'ambient open air' party at RUSKOMPLEKT gallery (St. Petersburg) for approximately 27 hours non-stop. Some info in Russian can be found here: http://vkontakte.ru/event11126983.


On May 30th Bardoseneticcube will perform live at the 10 years anniversary of the Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21) in St. Petersburg, along with Mycelium, Porch Nap, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Noises Of Russia, Anella Midd.

Past shows:
  • 12.04.2009 - St. Petersburg @ Manege small hall - Cosmonoise festival (with Regis III, Eject, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, SWA);
  • 20.04.2009 - St. Petersburg @ ESG-21 - with New Orthodox Line.
A short video film dedicated to Nika Turbina was created by Federico Federici using music from Bardoseneticcube "XXX" album. Here's the short description of the project:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ника, a short footage about Nika Turbina's poetry and life, has been edited by putting together archive materials with new original scenes. It focuses on one of the theme she insisted upon the most in her writings: that of asynchrony in the sometimes painful split of time - no need to become a woman, when I once was a child.
There are no proper dialogues inside, but many sorts of infinitely pleated monologues, in a maze of sounds, voices which Nika's lines emerge from, whispers or cries, and meanwhile passers-by gather stiff loneliness.
The film ends in the late darkness of the last day. Time continues much as before, like a taboo, a compulsion splitting into further hours, minutes, seconds. No need to speak the name: whose voice is thus swallowed? All questions unanswered remain. All toys keep watching over the silent child sleep.

A short film by Federico Federici.
Courtesy of Maya Turbina, Ludmila Karpova, Alexander Rather.
Original texts by Nika Turbina.
Music by Bardoseneticcube and Federico Federici.
Translation by Federico Federici.

More details about future projects: http://leserpent.wordpress.com

YouTube link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-tyQ2S0jWU

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Two new releases of Bardoseneticcube are out:
  • "Exclusion Zone" (a collaboration with Spanish musician Miguel A. Ruiz);
  • "zig-ODA" (a limited edition 3"CDR with new material recorded in November-December 2008).
Bardoseneticcube also was a special musical guest at the opening of a photo exhibition of Mikhail Danovsky "StereoPiter" on February 20 in Place club, St. Petersburg. The project did a show along with Neva River Rockets rockabilly band.


The new Bardoseneticcube album "Psychedelic Avenue" is available as free download mp3/flac web-release here: http://bsc.radionoise.ru/psya/.

Igor Potsukailo also participated in the release of Noises Of Russia "Experimental Structure - Live at ESG-21, St. Petersburg, 06.10.2008", published by ZHELEZOBETON label in December 2008.


A new CD "Noosphere" is out now on Moscow-based label Monochrome Vision.

Bardoseneticcube will play live at ESG-21, St. Petersburg on December 16th. Igor Potsukailo will also take part in Noises Of Russia's performance at Point, St. Petersburg on December 9th.


Bardoseneticcube has performed live at Electromechanica festival on 15.11.2008.


Four new CD-R releases came out on Igor's private label ML:

Just a note for history - Bardoseneticcube were performing at the following events in July:
  • 12.07.2008 - St. Petersburg @ "Red Triangle" factory - Interzona festival (with Kryptogen Rundfunk, Id Molotov, Cyclofillydea, Strannye Kvarki & Express Uzhasa);
  • 21.07.2007 - St. Petersburg @ ESG-21 - with Hladna, Aural Holograms.


Bardoseneticcube is now on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/bardoseneticcube.


A fragment from a live gig in Turku, Finland (17.09.2006) can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8JQim4T5R8


April 1st - Igor Potsukailo led a master class about noise music in Polyarny cinema theatre, Apatity, Murmansk region with Bardoseneticcube concert featuring Maxim Bimka.

St. Petersburg label Extremal Psychonauts has released a split CDR with Zaubertote called "Strashilka".


Bardoseneticcube will perform in "DOM", Moscow on March 22 at the Night Of The Dead Photography concert together with SWOD and Hypnoz.


Site update! Added info about the new releases: "Aquadoor" CDR, collaborations with Philippe Blanchard and Noises Of Russia, compilations: "Avtogen-Shaitan" and "Muzyka Voln".


Forthcoming live shows:
  • 29.09.2007 - St. Petersburg @ Place - Aposition III festival (with Micelium, Lars Stigler, Onde, Bimka, Silence Corporation);
  • 02.09.2007 - St. Petersburg @ Place - with Pacific 231;
  • 07.10.2007 - St. Petersburg @ Place - with Majdanek Waltz.


Bardoseneticcube is now on LastFM - http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Bardoseneticcube. You can download full albums "Naegleria Fowlery", "Deadhead", forthcoming album "Aquadoor" + several unreleased & compilation tracks ("Strange Various").


An interview with Igor Potsukailo has been posted by Dark Ambient webzine (Russian language).

Image gallery updated with a couple of new photos from the studio.

Forthcoming live shows:
  • 10.08.2007 - St. Petersburg @ Borey Gallery - live soundtrack for the film "L'humanite" by Bruno Dumont.
  • 13.08.2007 - St. Petersburg @ Zoccolo - with Horda Morda, Musicproduct.


A new collaboration between Igor Potsukailo and Alexander Lebedev-Frontov - T.A.U. "La Splendeur, Geometrique / Urbanomania" - has been released by ALF Produkt label.

Image gallery has been updated with some pictures from past concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Forthcoming live shows:
  • 11.07.2007 - Kaliningrad @ Eastenburg castle - jam-session with Dmytry Globa (Olmo, Musica Radicum);
  • 13.07.2007 - Kaliningrad @ Eastenburg castle - solo performance;
  • 14.07.2007 - St. Petersburg @ Place - media performance "Media Form", "Body Navigation" festival;
  • 16.07.2007 - Kaliningrad @ Pyl' Vinila - "SoundArtLab fest vol.1" (with Franz Pomassl, Noises Of Russia, Mombus, N'gar 18, StirliTZ, Tufraniuh, Nikodim, VYKL., SKRJU);
Awaited releases:

Russian label Monochrome Vision has released a compilation entitled "Roulette Russe pour un Peu de Caviar" in cooperation with French Studio Forum for presentation at "Bruit de la neige" festival on April 20, 2007.


Out now: "Naegleria Fowlery" CD on Blade Records and "Telloram" CD-R on Operator Produkzion.

Bardoseneticcube will play live on the Cosmonautics Day - April, 12 - in St. Petersburg, club "Place", along with Govorit Radio Kosmos, Silence Corporation, VJ Yuri Elik.


Two new CDRs ("Saturn Wind" & "Lord of Light") are out now on Japanese label Deserted Factory. Web-label The Umbrella Noize Collective has also released a work by Rubbish featuring Bardoseneticcube on two tracks. Free for download at: http://www.umbrellanoize.com/[UMB074].html.

Forthcoming live shows:
  • 21.01.2007 - St. Petersburg @ Zoccolo - presentation of "The Black Square" compilation CD (with Ritualnaya Bioingeneria, Reutoff);
  • 03.02.2007 - Moscow @ Bilingua - "Night of Dead Photography" (with Majdanek Waltz, Anthesteria, Coph Nia);
  • 04.02.2007 - St. Petersburg @ Orlandina - "Night of Dead Photography" (with Anthesteria, Coph Nia).
  • 26.03.2007 - St. Petersburg @ ESG-21 - "Green Noise" mini-fest (with Interarbores).
  • 22.04.2007 - St. Petersburg @ Point - "Bird Up" festival.


Special Christmas compilation featuring Bardoseneticcube's track "Toyzmass" has been released by the US label Zaftig Research.


2 new compilations came out: "Noise vs. Glamour'06" CDR on Electroindustria / Vainohulluus and "The Black Square" CD on KultFront.

Bardoseneticcube will play live with Alexander Balsanov on the night 22nd/23rd December in St. Petersburg, club "Orlandina". See additional info HERE.


"The Sacral Member" 3"CDR is out now on French label Taalem.

Forthcoming live shows:
  • 20.11.2006 - St. Petersburg @ ESG-21 (feat. Alexander Balsanov - vox on "Deadhead");
  • 26.11.2006 - St. Petersburg @ Zoccolo (taking part in "Radio Inferno V" festival).


Bardoseneticcube will take part in "Noise vs. Glamour / 06" festival with 2 concerts:
  • 14.10.2006 - Helsinki, Finland @ Rauhanasema;
  • 21-22.10.2006 - St. Petersburg, Russia @ Orlandina.


"Toyz-z-z" CDR has been released on Finnish label Black Arts Productions.


Bardoseneticcube official website has been opened today. It already contains some information about the project, discography, some photos, images, etc. Additions and adjustments will come soon.

Forthcoming live dates in Europe:
  • 17.09.2006 - Turku, Finland (venue yet unknown);
  • 19.09.2006 - Stockholm, Sweden @ Kafe 44
So far Bardoseneticcube has the following list of planned releases:
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