CDR, ltd. 50, Black Dead Rabbit Production (BDRP 091), 1999
Bardoseneticcube - Disease 1. Disease
"Repetitive trance piece lasting for 30 minutes. Transparent curtain of strange rhythmically repeated samples hypnotize listener, who finds himself travelling in other realities by the middle of the track".

Recorded in 1999 using: Akai S2000, Atari 1040FT, samples from the movie "Pig-tender and a Shepherd" (1936) and Russian folk tunes.

Musician: Igor Potsukailo.
Graphics: Olga Inopina.
Design: Black Dead Rabbit.

This album was re-released in 2008 by Igor Potsukailo's own label ML under the name of "Illness Of Green Colour" with a bonus-track from the album "Blood Of Green Colour" (2005, Blade Records).
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