Blood of Green Colour
CDR, ltd. 150, Blade Records (wmda065), 2005
Bardoseneticcube - Blood of Green Colour 8 untitled tracks.
"Every day in early morning lots of people get up from their grey bed-sheets and move in overcrowded transport in their workshops, in grey morning mist, stirring autumn mud under their feet... Every day, month by month, year by year... Noone of them knows why he does it but feels truly religious ecstasy and drug-addiction to this. And their blood becomes of green colour, and they stop being people..."

Recorded using: Korg Poly-800, Altair-231, Polyvox, Akai S2000, Atari 1040FT, Rubikon 03C-1, Lel CZ, Profi-503 Distortion.

Musicians: Igor Potsukailo (soundconstructor), Sergey Matveev (keyboards), Vladimir Manevtsov (sampling), Igor V. Petrov (ghost voice on track 3).

Track 7 from this album was re-released on the album "Illness Of Green Colour" along with a track from "Disease" .
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