Various Artists "Noise vs. Glamour'06"
CD-R, Electroindustria / Vainohulluus, 2006
V/A - Noise vs. Glamour'06 1. Älymystö - Mielen Voitelu
2. Noises of Russia - Untitled
3. Hladna - Untitled
4. Pain Nail - Marks of the Virgin
5. Bardoseneticcube - Untitled
6. Haeretici 7o74 - Live in Riga
7. Siniaalto - Neuloja
8. Monopolka - TBC
9. Sadkarma - Static Corricor (butcher version)
10. Project 503 - Untitled
11. Radiokatve - Syvemmälle
12. Grunt - Understanding Mother
13. Flower - Mu State Bliss
Liner notes: "There is no doubt that music and noise aren't opposite concepts. Somebody could contradict us that music is a harmony of sounds and noise is absence of harmony, that is its extreme disharmony. However we insist, that sound harmony doesn't mean only tonal harmony like in traditional music, whose musicality is created by alteration of a pitch of a tone. Each audible sound whether it is noise of machines, whisper of leaves, human speech is in fact music. Music that consists in beauty and power of a sound, that is free and isn't attached to the tone, melody or rhythm." Gosha Solnzev, Noises of Russia.

Bardoseneticcube's untitled track is taken from "Toyz-z-z" CDR (track #2).
© 2006