Genetic Load "Tollenkisten"
tape, self-released, 1997
Genetic Load - Tollenkisten 1. Panophobia
2. A La Lanterne
3. Tollenkisten
4. Triste
5. Sturzbad
6. Mania Moria
7. Welcome!
Genetic Load is a collaboration between Igor Postukailo (Bardoseneticcube) and Sergey Bogdanov / Kirill Stukalin (Reductio Ad Absurdum). Inspired by history of psychiatry and various diagnoses of mental deviations.

Liner notes: The recording is done with the use of psychotronic noise system. Fixed are the attempts of bringing the given system to initial quiescent state. Peculiar forces applied by Igor Petrov by means of creating melodic lines in some compositions.

This tape has been later twice re-released on a CD-R: first by Black Dead Rabbit Production (1999) and second by ML (2008).
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