CD, ltd. 500, Athanor (ATNR 012), 2001
Bardoseneticcube - Necklace 8 untitled tracks.
Listen to extracts: track 1, track 4, track 8.
"Solar winds stringed on a ghostly thought about future. The necklace of fantasies. Pulsating vortical analogue dark ambient".

Re-issue of the untitled CDR released by Black Dead Rabbit Production (BDRP-094) in 1999 limited to 100 copies.

Recorded in July 1999 on Mayak-232 tape recorder using: Korg DS-8, Korg Poly 800, Āltair-231, Polyvox, Akai S2000, Atari 1040FT, Samson MX-8 mixing desk, Lel Distortion, Rubikon 03C-1, Roland SH-01.

Musicians: Igor Potsukailo, Sergey Matveev, Yuri Denisenko.
Mastered by Andreas Resch.
Graphisme: Jean-Marc Dauvergne.
© 2006