CDR, ltd. 120, Ultra (UCD 06), 2001
Bardoseneticcube - Technosphere 7 untitled tracks.
Listen to an extract: track 4.
"Areal of technology and machinery. Technogenic ambient, minimum of emotions. Sounds of apparatus with minimal man's interference. Nothing human, cold souls of machines".

Recorded on August 22, 2000 using: Rubikon 03C-1, Lel Overdrive, Elektronika Equalizer, Lel RC, Profi-503 Distortion, Mackie 1604, Alesis Midiverb-II, Tesla tape reverb, Elektron mixing desk, Midiman 2044.

Musicians: Igor Potsukailo, Sergey Matveev.
Design: Alexander Lebedev-Frontov.
© 2006