CDR, ltd. 120, Blade Records (WMDA 033), 2003
Bardoseneticcube - Teologic 8 untitled tracks.
Listen to samples: track 2, track 6.
"Viscous dark ambient enveloping consciousness with muddy fumes of remembrances. Night life of cemetary with soldiers died in defence of Pulkovskie Vysoty. The burial place is hidden in industrial zone, between pipes and vapour exhalations..."

Recorded in 2001 using: vinyl, radio, Rubikon 03C-1, Lel RC, Polyvox, Altair-231, sand, air, Mackie 1604, Profi-503 Distortion, Elektronika Equalizer, Alesis 3630, Alesis Midiverb-II.

Musicians: Igor Potsukailo, Sergey Matveev.
Photo: Igor Potsukailo, Sergey Matveev.
Design: Mauro Berchi.
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