Various Artists "Pieces of Music for White Dots"
CD, Palace Editions, 2002
V/A - Pieces of Music for White Dots 1. V. Gaivoronsky
2. Union of Commercial Advance Guard*
3. Bardoseneticcube
4. ZGA*
5. European Music Trio
6. Zaubertote*
7. V. Gaivoronsky
8. Sadogipnoz
9. Nickolai Rubanov*
10. Totalitarian Music Sect*
11. Vladislav Makarov
12. Porch Nap*
13. Bastonada Improvising
14. Vladislav Makarov
15. Vetrofonia
16. Lunar Abyss
Liner notes: * Live fragments in Experimental Sound Gallery recorded by N. Sudnik & S. Busov. Sound Engineers: Nick Sudnik & Nick Rubanov. Editor: Yevgenij Savenko (Noon).

The structure of most of the musical fragments is consonant to the system of symbols in abstract painting - play inversions, free improvisation and the non-mediated, emotional impact of colour-sound. Compiled by the 8th MOON ART independent association for the Russian Museum, this CD contains anonymous compositions by the leading masters of the St. Petersburg avant-garde art of the 1970-90s, including classical avant-garde, free jazz, sound art, ambient and industrial futurism.
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