CD-R, ltd. 150, Puzzle God (PG 01), 2001
Bardoseneticcube - KachaREX 10 untitled tracks.
Listen to extracts: track 1, track 3, track 9.
"Analogue ambient filled with stereo-effects and ritual rhythms. Sailormoon - lunar warrior dressed in Wehrmacht uniform carrying kindness and justice. A strange coincedence and nothing more?"

Recorded using: Korg Poly 800, Āltair-231, Polyvox, Opus, Vermona, bells, springs, flutes, child's toys, metal wire, saxophone, voice.

Musicians: Igor Potsukailo, Sergey Matveev, Igor V. Petroff (voice & sax on track 5).
Picture: Nickolay Kalmykov (Hladna).

Track 5 later appeared on "Pieces of Music for White Dots" compilation CD.
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